Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary, built in 1934 in Scotland, is an Ocean Liner larger than the Titanic. Owned by the City of Long Beach, California, she has been permanently berthed at Long since 1969. While she has an enormously proud history of more than 1,000 Atlantic Crossings, she has had only modest success as a “floating hotel”.

Our plan is to enhance all that she does now, but add to it through the promise of the Digital Age. If so, her next 85 years can be even better than the last 85.

We and our allies in Long Beach are convinced she should be/could be, “The Brightest Star in the Maritime Museum Galaxy” and “The Richest Treasure Ship In History“.

To this end, we are gaining momentum.  The first (targeted) post on these talks is found in this post Silicon Valley – Silicon Beach.

That post properly frames the issue.

If the RMS Queen Mary is ever to achieve her full potential, she must bring a host of benefits to the whole Long Beach community. Our Plan does just that. If so, one day Long Beach will be to “Silicon Beach” what Palo Alto is to Silicon Valley.

Please stay tuned.


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