Isn’t every classroom – from Pre-K to Post-Grad a – “Lighthouse”?

Here are the elements they have in common

  • Safe Harbor
  • Inside – diversity, on high display
  • Beacons – for purposes of good navigation
  • Observation – places of 360 degree views, from high-up
  • Curiosity – Who doesn’t want to climb higher? learn more?
  • Stability & Structure –  physically, built to withstand adverse forces
  • Curiosity – What’s outside the Harbor?
  • Security & Safety – If I venture outside, will it help me return?
  • Trust – What’s more important than that?

And, perhaps, the most powerful reason of all: PUBLICITY!  How better to knit all these components together? Not just as a “stunt”. But built to last well into the next Century. {Please see the images and articles about Ford Motor Company, – twice – putting a Mustang on the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building (196 & April 2014); also see the images and stories about the Joey Harringon seven story billboard in Manhattan – that cost Nike $250,ooo. — and, according to Advertising Age, generated $4 million in publicity.)


Does a Lighthouse belong on a University campus? Even one that is 100 miles from the Sea?,


Where else to better capture the vast array of intellectual resources, energy, passion and motivation than on a university campus?

More? Please start your journey to “Why a Lighthouse a 100 Miles from the Sea” –> here

Photos above are from a great restoration firm. Please see  International Chimney


Why A Lighthouse 100 Miles From the Sea?

Photo Irene Gerlinger Lighthouse

George Lakoff, Framing, Lighthouses


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