GLOBAL LEARN DAY  – She Lives Again!

Under the direction of Dr. Terrence R. Redding and his “Crew” at OnLine Training Institute our celebration of learning was reimagined in 2016 and will be even better in 2017! Head over to the official Global Learn Day Headquarters and learn how you can be a part of this exciting event!

We are exceptionally pleased and proud of an undertaking that brought together thousands of truly exceptional technologists, educators, visionaries from all over the planet.  The idea of a making the event a 24 hour round-the-world “Voyage”  — with “stops” in all 24 Time Zones — worked tremendously well.  Just ask any of those who presented. Or who listened and contributed. Or even those who just “lurked”.

We were a long way ahead of time. Now that we have Skype and Linked In and Twitter and Facebook and Massive Open On Line Courses routinely offered by fine universities to millions all over the world…

Below is part of the last GLD I held  — October 2012

On board the (imaginary) Franklin Clipper there will be panoptic conversations that center around three Major Themes: Access to education – focused on MOOCs; Climate change; (focused on Healthy Oceans, Gender equality – Focused on those leading VDay.  Each conversation will take place at “The Commodore’s Table”. 22 Commodores. 22 Tables.  Each Table to be charged with holding deeply compelling, hour-long interactive discussions about matters of an epic nature. (All of it inside a free telephone conference room.)

No yada, yada, yada allowed.

The conversations will be spiced with gemstones with stuff like “what’s on your “Bucket List?” Before you die, what cities, what places, do you want to see?  Mixed and matched with spectacular visuals on a 24 hour Voyage from New Zealand to Guam…”The long way around“. An on-board round-the-world Gala with no need for a tux. Storytelling long- remembered. Featuring people doing the heroic. Broadcast and re-broadcast by community radio stations from around the world. Participation over the phone or over the Net. Which ever you is best for you.

Ultimate Goal — in the long-distance future: To create a stage as big as the Oscars and as prestigious as the Nobel. Spotlighting those leading large networks out to mitigate the most insidious threats of all:  Ignorance. Apathy. Corruption. Violence. Cruelty.

How: With exciting (but make-believe) “Voyages” that are both magnet and megaphone for those in the vanguard of ignorance mitigation.

Who: People who are drawn from sources like this – Healthy Oceans

First GLD Voyage: Maiden Voyage, October 1997. Annually thereafter. In October.

Why: Because those aboard the Clipper deserve very loud megaphones and very bright spotlights for the work they do.

Who: Crowded aboard are the harbingers of an intellectual and technological revolution unlike anything since Gutenberg. They are called GLDers.


AS WELL AS FROM GLD TEN – where we opened with Vint Cerf and Sir John Daniel, moderated by Blaine Berger. click here for the audio recording

Listen here to the most remarkable keynote of all 14 “Voyages” Four minutes of audio that is stunning!

Click here for another audio that was recorded at the beginning of the Maiden Voyage. About 12 minutes. Good stuff.

Click here to view some graphics developed to promote the event.

Click here for a video presentation prepared for our second round the world “voyage. Fun visuals. Or, just click the button in the middle of the screen below.

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