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Queen Mary Theme Circle

One picture worth a thousand words? Please view the Queen Circle Image (below); then return to this page, scroll down, and see remarks that “de-code” the image. Read the rest of this entry

Queen Mary -Unlimited Intellectual Firepower

One of the great symbols of American military firepower are her aircraft carriers and the fleet that directly supports each of the ten Carriers now in service.One of the great Maritime Museums in the world is the San Diego Maritime Museum, 70 miles south of Long Beach (where the Queen Mary has been permanently berthed since 1969).

Oddly, both have a great deal in common. (And a great deal that separates them as well.   Read the rest of this entry

Superior On-Site Property Management

It’s not complicated. Which is better?

               A ‘frat house’ principally known as dirty, worrisome, mediocrity where the chief goal of the residents is known for slime,  PARTY, PARTY, PARTY? Read the rest of this entry

What if……?

I admit it….and I’m very proud to say it.

In any serious discussion, whether the subject is religion or politics, commerce or enterprise, family matters or love life, sports or entertainment, stock market or 401K, golf score or next trip overseas, the words that are music to my ears are these:

WHAT IF? Read the rest of this entry

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Why Youth Empowerment? And “how” – Oregon Activities

This video outline WHY empowering youth is vital


How? Check out some marvelous activities in Oregon.

Activities? In Oregon? Some very good examples!

3D and the Web

Just think about how exciting e-learning would be if the texts were as exciting as what you are about to see here (found here on Youtube)


Digital Globes Offer a Dynamic Vision

Cornelli  Globe

Vincenzo Coronelli World’s Greatest Globe Maker

Antiquarian globes have always fascinated me. Proof of this is that inside my home are three near-perfect replicas of globes originally made by Vincenzo Coronelli in the 17th Century. The story of the making of these globes is way too long to relate here — except to say that until you yourself try to put a flat map on a round sphere, you don’t know how hard this is.

My sense is there are some deep connective tissues between Global Learn Day “Voyages” and Global Imagination, the makers of Magic Planet. (See NY Times article below.) Not only are their Spheres a brilliant learning device, they have a Mission Statement as grand as the globes they make: Global Imagination’s mission is to improve the way people perceive, explore and act upon global information.

Stay tuned. Anyone that operates as company called Global Imagination is someone with whom I want to spend lots of time.
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The Coursera Locomotive

My artist, Ryan Putman – a very hard working recent graduate of the University of Oregon, we thinking about a visual that best describes the track Coursera is on. Here s what he came up with:

On a track to change education deliveries worldwide

Olga Korbut and Coursera

These days, all eyes are on the London Olympics, where often the stories told about past glories are as exciting as that shown in real time on the track, in the pool, or on the court. To prove the point, NBC immediately followed the upset victory by Andy Murray, (Gold Medal, Tennis) with a riveting story of how Olga Korbut “changed the face of gymnastics“.  Here is the link to it. 

What follows is how these dots connect to the delivery of free universal eduction, worldwide. Read the rest of this entry