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This undertaking will attempt to Build on past achievements in improving results for Fraternities.

Why a Lighthouse 100 Miles from the Sea?

What follows is the case for a 35 to 50 foot Lighthouse to be situated smack dab in the middle of the campus of the University of Oregon.

While there are a number of names that could rightfully be attached to such Lighthouse  —  and a good argument for the name of  every single one — Bowerman?   Prefontaine?  — TrackTown USA? –  Oregon University? — the one I like the best is  The Gerlinger Lighthouse . Read the rest of this entry

Lighthouse Project

Underway now is a Project called “University Lighthouse”. It involves an entirely new direction for collegiate fraternities that have very large, very beautiful Chapter Houses — but in disrepair, barely solvent, and in need of far more than a “shuffling of the chairs” on a sinking House. Those interested should contact John Hibbs skipper AT bfranklin DOT edu