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This undertaking will attempt to Build on past achievements in improving results for Fraternities.

Queen Mary History

The RMS Queen Mary celebrated her eightieth birthday late in 2014. She’s a remarkable vessel with over 1,000 Atlantic Crossings with passengers that included Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents, tycoons, engineers, scientists, attorneys, artists, dreamers and schemers — and the dreadfully poor (loaded with hope for a better life in America).

The Queen weights in at 82,000 tons and is bigger than the Titanic. In 1969 she was “decommissioned” and sold to the City of Long Beach.  To learn more about the Queen, please visit her website

Isaacson on Collaboration

Walter Isaacson has a great deal to say about the genius of collaboration. Brilliantly expressed in his brand new book, The Innovators.

As Founder of the Aspen Institute and its Society of Fellows and Aspen Idea Festival, Walt looms large in our target sights.  More later.

Thought Leaders – Cerf, Sir John, Isaacson

A confluence of events and opportunities has caused me to return to recordings made during Global Learn Day Voyage Ten, October 2004 – to include this one with Sir John Daniel, Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google, Blaine Berger and Hibbs.

Click the link below (audio recording only)

Audio recording Berger, Cerf, Daniels

Let us now fast-forward to a video of Vint Cerf, (Google Evangelist) Walter Isaacson and Dr Bob Kahn.

Then let us ask ourselves the this question:

Where is there — is there? – a “Headquarters” where these kinds of thought leaders can comfortably, affordably gather? Where both the ordinary folks and the extraordinary are likely to be?

Where the ideas and arguments advanced by Walter Isaacson in his brand new book The Innovators  could be put on high display? A  very compelling showcase – and stage  –  proving that physical collaboration is the single most powerful ingredient to speed up innovation, invention, disruption.

I believe there is such a place. Ready and waiting for Sir John, Vint and Walt to come there and tell us more on how they could help spearhead this Next Big Thing.


Greenhouses, Mighty Oaks, Tall Acorn Growing

From mighty oaks do tall acorns grow.”

Here, the “mighty oaks” are both physical and intellectual.

  • Physically — 5,500 magnificent Fraternity and Sorority Houses on 800 college campuses; inside are 250,000 bedrooms that are idle and empty in the summer. Those Houses were built to enrich the lives of motivated kids during college. What better place to provide nutrients for kids who need it the most? What better time than in the summer?

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Theta Chi Alumni – Just Do It!

NOTE: The Commentary below was submitted to the Alumni Board, Alpha Sigma Chapter, (Oregon) in early May 2013. In view of the deep resistance to putting “a lighthouse on the front lawn of the Theta Chi House at Oregon, my own thoughts have turned to the far greater potential of a Gerlinger Lighthouse “smack dab in the center of the campus of the University“. However, the linkage between that undertaking and means and methods to restore the intellectual, cultural and economic vitality to the Grand House at 1125 East 19th Avenue remains.  Here, below, is what was submitted to the Alumni Board for their May 20, 2013 meeting. Read the rest of this entry

John Hibbs, Passionate About Making Fraternity Houses Great

A chief purpose of this post is to add to the bathtubs of intellectual sweat found at a stone-age blog   Written either when I was House Dad @ Sigma Chi or @ Theta Chi.  {NOTE: In the process of trying to move the “best” of those posts from to I managed to wreck large portions of it. However, for those gluttons seeking to fill large appetites about how to improve the Collegiate Fraternity System, find large plates here}

The second purpose is to provide additional granularity to how I have become convinced that Fraternities are in deep, deep trouble; that they are on a downward and deadly spiral. That what I have to say is designed to help the pilots to avoid a crash. And, if they want me, to sit with them in the cockpits. Fraternities have been around for a very long time and millions have had enjoyed rare benefits from them. Later, in subsequent posts, I will be more specific and more brief. What follows is thus the long of it. To include how I got here –starting in 1960 when I pledged Sigma Chi @ Oregon, one of the best and luckiest things I ever did in my life. Here goes. Read the rest of this entry

Protected: Fraternity Management -Unlocking Huge Opportunities In the Summer

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Thomas Roberts, who saved a great lighthouse is dead

From the NY Times, June 22, 2013

Thomas Roberts, a banker whose efforts to save the black-and-white-striped Fire Island Lighthouse in the early 1980s became a model for scores of lighthouse preservation campaigns around the country and yielded a popular tourist destination, died on Monday at his home in Bay Shore, N.Y. He was 75. Read the rest of this entry

Universities are (of course!) Lighthouses

Question: What do universities and lighthouses have in common?

Answer:  They both shed light. Which is of course the prime purpose for both.

Dr. George Lakoff makes a very good living lecturing about the importance of “framing” — that how you frame your arguments has a lot to do with how well (or badly) your argument is  received.

I am sure that George would scold me for the title is used in this post:  Why a Lighthouse 100 Miles from the Sea?

George would tell me that by asking a question that actually reinforces a deeply held conviction:  Lighthouses don’t belong anywhere except along an ocean coast or vessels may be put in danger.

Why on earth would you ever put a lighthouse one hundred miles from where they are meant to be?  John, what will you think next — How to put rattlesnakes in your child’s crib. Why smelling armpits are good for attracting beautiful women,

In other words, ask a dumb question and you can expect a dumb response. Read the rest of this entry

Photo Gerlinger Lighthouse

Yes, this is of course only a mock up .  NOTE:  This one page pdf should be helpful  IreneRationale