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More description about Global Learn Day, a 24 hour/24 time zone event featuring the best and brightest in education and technology — worldwide.

GLD and “Giving” — an ‘Ah-ha’ Moment

How many “Ah-ha’ moments came to Ben Franklin? Thomas Edison? Alexander Bell? Henry Ford? Steve Jobs? Obviously, more than anyone can ever count.

My ‘Ah-ha’ moment on how to resurrect Global Learn Day was greatly helped by the March 31, 2013 New York Times Cover Story Giving is the Secret to Getting. It’s an amazing story about Professor Adam Grant who makes his daily wage at the Wharton School of Business.

Like most ‘Ah-ha’ Moments, the most startling aspect was “Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?”  More later.

On Ignorance – Two Marvelous Videos

What is Global Learn Day about? Why do we claim that Ben Franklin is the “Patron Saint of Education”?  These two videos say it all

Video #1

Video # 2 Ben Franklin

NOTE: The first 70 seconds of this video perfectly reflects why we love Ben Franklin. The last 30 seconds is a paid ad about health care. If we knew how to edit, we would delete.

Bucket Lists Aboard GLD 2013

The chief worry about any educational conference, especially those held on-line, is there is way too much yada, yada, yada. In the belief that adding the topic of cities and sites that “belong” on your traveling Bucket List, and with the help of someone who has traveled VERY widely (Jimmy Peterson), you will find our (starting point) Bucket List here.  Enjoy!

Tom Friedman On MOOCs

When Tom Friedman speaks, people listen. Here’s what he had to say in today’s New York Times

March 5, 2013

I just spent the last two days at a great conference convened by M.I.T. and Harvard on “Online Learning and the Future of Residential Education” — a k a “How can colleges charge $50,000 a year if my kid can learn it all free from massive open online courses?” Read the rest of this entry

GLD – A Voyage – Not a Cruise Not a Crossing

Words Count. Global Learn Day is a Voyage.

Global Learn Day is not a “cruise” – like those utterly common on the Med and on the Caribbean. Cruises are wonderful for fun, love and relaxation. Also perfect for improving your tan.

Nor is Global Learn Day a “Crossing”. That’s a term reserved for those who make their way on and across an Ocean. To or from Europe, Africa and the Americas; to or from the Pacific and the Atlantic. Ocean Crossings are worthy of putting on your Bucket List. Even if you have made them several times.

Voyages are an animal of a very different stripe. Voyages are what got Columbus to the New World and Armstrong to the moon. Read the rest of this entry

Global Learn Day 2013 – Snapshot

A 24 hour, 24 time zone “Voyage” for a safer, saner planet

Event BeginsIn the Americas, Saturday, October 12, 2013

ElsewhereSunday, October 13, 2013

Event Snapshot: Since our beginning in 1995, Global Learn Day opens in New Zealand “where the planet begins the New Day”. Crew, passengers and audience “board” a wildly imaginative “ship” – the Franklin Clipper. In the following 24 hours the Clipper “sails” west to Hawaii with “stops” in all 24 time zones. At each “stop” tremendously engaging speakers focus their remarks on these issues: Increasing access to education. Climate change. Gender equality. Read the rest of this entry

Global Conference Hibbs Prepared Remarks

Re Hibbs/Vance Stevens Presentation at the Global Education Conference, MOOC’s – The New Frontier of OnLine Learning

Hibbs Prepared Remarks, 15 November 2012

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you may be.

I’m John Hibbs, speaking to you from Eugene, Oregon, the home of the University of Oregon – and, I might add. a plug for our Ducks who are now the Number One collegiate football team in the country. Read the rest of this entry

Global Learn Day

Global Learn Day was initiated in 1997 – a 24 hour/24 time zone event that featured the most innovative people in the world of education and technology. Read the rest of this entry