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Fraternities are not frats. Fraternity men are not frat rats. Fraternity Houses are not frat houses. Correcting those perceptions is what the posts are all about. “Flipping” them in the summer opens new opportunities to do all this. So too does the Oregon Youth Jamboree – meant to drive stake through the heart of Animal House.

A Great Visit to The Beta House @ Oregon!

Yesterday, Jeff White, Eagle Scout and a proud (sophomore) member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at Oregon, took me on an hour-long tour of the Beta House. First, picture a spectacular House with eight tall stone pillars, each one representing a Founder of the Fraternity. Now, picture a big, beautifully landscaped front lawn that overlooks the Mill Race — Oregon’s “canal” that runs east and west right through the campus of the University. Here, below, is what this beauty looks like!

Next, picture when you walk into the House being “greeted” by  a living room, dining room, television room, and kitchen that is as immaculate (and beautiful) as any Sorority on the campus – and that is saying a LOT! Now picture a bright young man, polite, smart, upward bound, full of energy, ambition, good ideas and a work-ethic that any employer could only wish for. That’s Jeff White. Now, for the rest of this very pleasant morning…. read on.. – Read the rest of this entry

Bird Houses, Fraternity Houses and Hi-Flying Ducks

Here’s a New Year’s test:  What do Bird Houses, Fraternity Houses and very imaginative Ducks have in common?

Hint #1 : The Ducks, mostly, reside in Eugene, Oregon. Hint #2: See this NY Times article, below. Hint #3 Don’t skip the video on YouTube.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

How to Monetize — EVERYTHING!

The race is on! How to profit by monetizing – well, just about everything.

How about all those (5,500) Greek Chapter Houses, the great bulk of which like “idle and empty” in the summer. $10-15 BILLION dollars of hard assets, on prime property, that have (over the 90 day summer period) about 225,000 empty rooms.

Perhaps by posting the links to web sites where one can find sharing opportunities for just about anything  — from bikes to jet planes, from cars to wedding gowns, from residential bed rooms to parking lots — that this would impact some smart dude in charge of Greek Chapter House to reconsider the worth of the property from June to September. Here’s the list. Read the rest of this entry

Superior On-Site Property Management

It’s not complicated. Which is better?

               A ‘frat house’ principally known as dirty, worrisome, mediocrity where the chief goal of the residents is known for slime,  PARTY, PARTY, PARTY? Read the rest of this entry

Beta Iota BI-Laws

This document was provided by Brother Stanly Potts, from the law office of Gleaves, Swearington, Potter & Scott, Attorneys At Law. Its purpose is to enable governance discussions with the Sigma Chi Chapter (Beta Iota) at the University of Oregon. Read the rest of this entry

Stanford Sigs Optimize Summer Revenues

The Sigma Chi Fraternity at Stanford earn tens of thousands by optimizing revenue opportunities in the summer. Learn more here.

Changing the Trajectory

About the subject of a  selected Fraternity House at Oregon in the 2015 summer with kids ages 12-18, Clarke Mcallister, long time Chapter Adviser, has asked me this question:  “John, what exactly do you want from Sigma Chi?”

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On Bus Rides and Experiences of Lifetime Value

NOTE:  This article was written in August 2005. It is re-posted here because it is has relevance to the whole idea of putting youngsters inside Fraternity Houses – or in Fraternity sponsored uniforms – in the summer. There are 5,500 such Houses each one of which can easily sleep and feed 50-60 kids. Almost all are empty and idle in the summer. For me this is morally repugnant,  financially stupid and exceptionally short-sighted. I am proud to say I was the prime sponsor to the 2005 Sigma Chi Challengers, ages 15-17 (American Legion). To my knowledge this was a first in the entire Greek World. Read the rest of this entry

Flipped Classrooms Flipped Fraternity Houses

Today, in the world of academics and education the biggest buzz revolves around the word “flipped”.  As in —  “Flipped Classroom”….where the  homework for the kids is to watch carefully prepared on-line videos lasting about 5-15 minutes. The following day, the videos would be discussed in intensive, highly interactive, ‘hands on’ classes where teacher and students are engaged in small groups. Read the rest of this entry

Driving a Stake Through the Heart of Animal House

Filmed thirty-five years ago nothing has rocked collegiate Greeks as hard as the movie Animal House. It’s a Monster that haunts all 5,500 Chapter Houses operating on more than 800 college campuses in America.

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