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Greenhouses, Mighty Oaks, Tall Acorn Growing

From mighty oaks do tall acorns grow.”

Here, the “mighty oaks” are both physical and intellectual.

  • Physically — 5,500 magnificent Fraternity and Sorority Houses on 800 college campuses; inside are 250,000 bedrooms that are idle and empty in the summer. Those Houses were built to enrich the lives of motivated kids during college. What better place to provide nutrients for kids who need it the most? What better time than in the summer?

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Martin King and The Impact of a Scout Jamboree

Rightfully, all the talk this week is about the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. Allow me to share a Boy Scout experience that made  the an indelible impression of a kind directly related to his speech. It’s especially relevant, I say, because these are the kinds of experiences that come out of eating, sleeping, cooking, traveling together. And why the experience of a “summer camp” should extend to every American kids age 12 and up. Read the rest of this entry

Oregon Youth Jamboree, Summer, 2014

The concept of the Oregon Youth Jamboree envisions bringing approximately 1,000 young adults to Eugene in the summer of  2014 — for purposes of an experience of life time value.

The kids will be drawn from and led by not-for-profit organizations of a type that are listed here. They will be housed in participating Sorority and Fraternity Houses on or near the campus of the University of Oregon.

The benefits to the kids, their organizations, the Chapter Houses, the University and to Jamboree sponsors are extraordinary. Read the rest of this entry

Youth Organizations

The following represent leading not-for-profit organizations “in the business of improving lives of young men and women”. Read the rest of this entry

YouthBuild – A 5 Star Outfit!

I was first introduced to YouthBuild as the event manager for Career Construction Day in Eugene. The fact is that Youth Build does jaw-dropping work of the very best kind. Read the rest of this entry

Franklin Summer Camps – Imagination Workshops For Passionate Souls

Preface: The idea of Franklin Summer Camps arises from the two brightest gems in the vast treasure chest of the World Wide Web. The gems are labeled – MashUp and Disruption. The most obvious MashUp examples are Apple and iTunes, Amazon and Kindle. Those MashUps brought a tsunami of Disruption to the business of music and books. The next tsunami? Read the rest of this entry