References and GLDers


VINTON G. CERF, “Father of the Internet” and “Evangelist, Google“. Twice,Keynote Speaker and Panelist during GLD.

SIR JOHN DANIEL -Earned his Knighthood by “changing the landscape of higher education in the U.K.” Twice, Keynote Speaker and Panelist for GLD.

SIR KEN ROBINSON, Evangelist, PhD “an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation“. Guest Presenter

ROGER BOSTON, Evangelist, Houston Community College, superb visionary, technology guru, heavy-duty supporter to GLD.

VANCE STEVENS, Abu Dhabi, Founder to Webheads and frequent Presenter and GLD Evangelist in the Middle East. A rare bird;arguably the greatest magnate for change in the world of ESL

VIP Speakers + Evangelists + Crew

ANNETTE STOCK, (New Zealand) – GLD Evangelist and Speech Language Therapist. Opening Ceremonies Presenter – “Where the planet begins the New Day“.

ARUN MEHTA, (New Dehli), Evangelist and Heavy Duty GLD supporter, bringing GLD to Indian television – and reaching millions

DAVID WORTLEY, (United Kingdom), GLD Evangelist, Writer, Innovator, Keynote Speaker, worldwide

DEBRA AMIDON, (Boston) GLD Evangelist, global innovation strategist; founder of ENTOVATION International

ERIC BABER, (United Kingdom), GLD Evangelist and extraordinary innovator in on-line ESL training

JACK BRYNE,(Dublin), Evangelist for use of community radio for purposes of expanding education deliveries through ordinary – and not so ordinary – methods

JENNIFER VERSCHOOR, (Argentina), GLD Evangelist, proud WEBHEAD and President of ARCALL Argentine Computer Assisted Language Learning

DR. JOHN SOUTHWORTH, University of Hawaii, GLD Evangelist, Keynoter, Closing Ceremonies, Rare technologist in innovative learning.

TERESA ALMEIDA D’ECA (Lisbon), GLD Evangelist, extraordinary worldwide Presenter to those in the business of ESL – all levels.

MOIRA HUNTER (Paris) GLD Evangelist, frequent keynote speaker worldwide on large issues concerning education deliveries.

DR TERRY REDDING,(Florid) Evangelist, “Chaplain” to GLD, creator of this extraordinary screen play of GLD, champion worker, big thinker.

DR WAYNE MACKINTOSH, (South Africa), GLD Evangelist and Founding Director of Otago Polytechnic’s International Centre for Open Education


DR MILLICENT COX, (San Diego) Webmistress, GLD, brilliant strategist and technologist, ‘simply world class’.

BLAINE BERGER, (Colorado) Owner, Electronic Oasis and “driving force” to make Global Learn Day successful

ALEXIS NARENDA ROCHEROLLE,(San Francisco) Creative Genius, GLD Evangelist, Webmaster, GLD Maiden Voyage

@Oregon House Parent

Awarded Sigma Chi Fraternity House Parent of the Year 2006

 Bob Shepard, Supervisor Theta Chi, Windermere Real Estate

Mike Curtis, Board Member, Theta Chi, Owner Curtis Restaurants, Eugene

Clarke McCallister, Chapter Adviser, Sigma Chi


DICK GOULD, Stanford Tennis Icon, “I have known John for 50 years and have the highest respect for his passion about distance education.

JEANNE STATON, (Eugene) Owner, Staton Companies, Eugene, Oregon. “John is determined to make a difference in reducing the cost of education, worldwide.

Bob Shepard, ReMax Agent, Greek Life Advocate, “Hibbs is a game changer for Fraternities at Oregon.”

NOTE: Contact John Hibbs, 541 343 9389, for telephone and postal references for any or all of the above.

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