(Long) Hibbs Biography

John Hibbs – Long Version Biography

The First Twenty Years
Born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, moved to Ventura, California, age 5. Attended St.Catherine’s Elementary;graduated from Ventura High School June, 1960, Entered the University of Oregon to include a six month stint at the University of Mexico.(All classes in Spanish,)

January, 1962, sailed to Europe, (S.S. United States).
Highlights: Course work at London School of Economics
Highlights: Traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa (self-employed)
Highlights: Drafted by U.S. Army (in London)

1965 -1967 – U.S Army
Served 13 months in a NATO assignment, Izmir, Turkey. (courier duty in Africa.)

1967 – 1968 Academics & Life Changing Job at Getz
Returned to Oregon, graduated with a B.S. in History. Attended Monterrey Institute for German language training. Hired by Getz,America’s largest trading company”. While at Getz, in night school, I earned an MBA from Golden Gate University.

1968 – 1979 @ Getz Executive — Taipei, Seoul, Singapore

From the Chief Executive “A meteoric performance”: to include opening a branch office in Korea (which became the most profitable branch in Getz’ world wide operations); a ‘turn-around” in the Borden’s “milk business” (Taiwan); the opening of Duty Free Shops in Hong Kong, Saipan, Guam and Korea. Plus, I was responsible for the turn-around of a losing Getz entity in Singapore. 

1980 -1995  Founded United Amusements (Los Angeles)
Founded United Amusements which changed the landscape of coin-operated video game operations by being the first American to import video game software (as vs entire game machines). Merged with  United Artists Theater Amusements in 1995.

1995 – Present – Prague, San Diego, Eugene
Deeply involved in distance learning — Highlight Global Learn Day. Deeply involved in Greek Fraternities, including six years as House Director, Sigma Chi and to years as House Director Theta Chi — where I resided inside the Houses at Oregon.

Helped college graduates get good jobs overseas; organized events to help high school kids get good jobs in the construction industry; won nationally recognized awards for work on behalf of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Restored and made absolutely sparkling and beautiful the Theta Chi House (with revenues generated from hard-working tenants.

Promoted Dr. Sylvia Earle’s Mission “Ocean Blue”,  (Also in this period became avid racing sailor.) Spearhead behind use of Fraternity Houses for ELAW Conference and Olympic Trials in 2008 and 2012. Presently engaged in putting together increasing the “scope of business” for Fraternities by optimizing the Houses in the summer – “cramming and jamming” with “Campers” age 11-17. These Houses were built to improve the lives of the kids who sleep there….not “just college students” — but how about kids from age 11 and up?

  1. Denis Garagic

    Hey John,

    Did you leave in Prague CZ between 94 to 96 or so. If you did, this is Denis Garagic we worked together in Prague during this period. Hope you are John Hibbs I knew from Prague . Let me know .

    All best ,


  2. Hi Dennis…I just sighted this, July 28, 2018…Yes I’m that John Hibbs. I thought you were with Lisa in Ohio?

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