Queen Mary – Owner’s and Foundation On-Board Tasks


To undertake within 180 days a comprehensive review together with timetables, budgets, means and methods, and to implement any and all that are (collectively) agreed upon and “do-able” within this time period. The specifics include these:

  • To diligently work toward those tasks necessary for the Queen Mary to become “The Brightest Star in the Maritime Galaxy”…….. ‘As iconic as the Eiffel Tower; as respected as Stanford; as fun as a Barnum & Bailey Circus.’
  • To seize (and/or improve) opportunities that fit comfortably within the Queen’s present operations.
  • To vastly improve the Queen’s image in the “Maritime Museum Galaxy” starting with cooperative agreements with Google’s Cultural Heritage, their work in Paris and London, and Google’s Cultural Exhibitions. Learn more here
  • To put forward and hold “world class” conferences featuring those deeply involved in maters of global concern. In particular to concentrate on those individuals with global recognition doing superb work to preserve and protect the Ocean. (See Sylvia Earle Bio)
  • To comprehensively detail that which is necessary for the Queen to deliver, the streaming/on line technology which would make good the promise of World Class Conferences; World Class Auctions; World Class Award Stage; World Class Maritime Museum”.  Model: Stanford .
  • To involve the Aspen Institute with the idea to hold conferences on behalf of their 2,500 Society of Aspen Fellows – and to set in motion something similar: “A Society of “Friends and Fellows of the Queen.
  • To define and, if possible, implement, outreach to school age youths (along the lines of Stanford/Tennis operations) – but in this case to involve the yacht/sailing community. (The Sir Peter Blake/ “Red Socks” Element.) Learn more here
  • To define and if possible implement an “Auction Plan “based on a viable “partnership” with a major auction House (such as Sotheby’s or Christies).
  • To define and if possible to implement arrangements with Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOC’s), by far the most sparkling example of how education is undergoing radical change. Learn more here
  • To begin the implementation of the Luminary Room Campaign, “setting the stage” to “light up the Queen as an exciting, intellectual Gathering Point” — (Model: The Davos Economic Forum) Learn more here
  • To undertake the study – and if possible – recruiting volunteer, principally from students in education community. (But also to include seniors and others from the yachting community.)




About oregonhibbs

I'm passionate about improving access to education, worldwide, sailing, Duck football (I live in the shadow of the University of Oregon in Eugene) and connecting with people with ideas and work that "can change the world". With this in mind, I am the "Skipper" for Global Learn Day, which you can find out more about at OREGONHIBBS.COM ; Write to skipper@bfranklin.edu

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