Queen Mary -Unlimited Intellectual Firepower

One of the great symbols of American military firepower are her aircraft carriers and the fleet that directly supports each of the ten Carriers now in service.One of the great Maritime Museums in the world is the San Diego Maritime Museum, 70 miles south of Long Beach (where the Queen Mary has been permanently berthed since 1969).

Oddly, both have a great deal in common. (And a great deal that separates them as well.  

Minimally, our Plan calls for increasing cooperation between the two. Maximally, close observers would accept that the road to a “safer, saner planet” is more likely to follow the path of “soft power” vs. “hard power”. That’s Point One.

Point Two is that in 2003, Harvard’s James Moore published a brilliant piece called The Second Superpower Raises Its Beautiful Head. The thrust of Second Superpower is that there are a myriad of plans, activities and undertakings outside the realm of ‘bullets and bombs” and, in this Second Superpower Age, is a far cheaper and far more effective to a safer planet.

I call all of these “Intellectual Firepower”. On the Queen we intend to harness tons and tons of that! (Mostly by Conferences and Awards held on the Queen.)

What comes instantly to mind are these: The Peace Corps; the American Diplomatic Missions all around the world; extensive collaboration and information-sharing with friendly, foreign powers,; Think-Tanks; Not-For-Profit advocacy groups deeply involved in the serious issues of the 21st Century. (Scroll down for more details. Much more will follow.)

Point Three is invoking the RMS Queen Mary as “The Unsinkable, Unlimited Arsenal of Intellectual Firepower“.  How? My building powerful magnets that will attract the leadership of these activities  to the Queen — for ‘High Level Conferences’ and ‘High LevelAwards’.

Where better than on a 82,000 ton “stage” is bigger than the Titanic, with more than 340  (very nice, very affordable) Staterooms, dozens of bars, restaurants, eateries, more deck space than Yankee Stadium— soon to be lit up like the Christmas Tree on the lawn of the White House. (more later on “Illumination and Luminaries.”) All of it a showcase of a technology-rich environment – where the word WOW! is the as common sand in Arabia; or snow in Alaska.

End goal? the RMS QUEEN MARY to become as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, as ‘heady” as the Economic Forum held in Davos, as prestigious as Harvard and Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge (for such stuff like free university courses under a banner called ‘Massive Open On Line Courses’, a stunning virtual & physical interactive Museum; a showcase of rare nautical treasures  – many up for auction – weaved, knitted and knotted with weddings, romance, fine dining, harbor view and more fun than Prom Night.

As promised, here are some Web-links that help illustrate who to target:

The Aspen Institute and It’s 2,500 Society of Friends.

Billion Person Rising

Dr. Slyvia Earle, Ocean Blue, Ocean Protection

Equal Justice for All

Massive Open On Line Courses – (free)

Famous authors — starting with Walter Issascon




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I'm passionate about improving access to education, worldwide, sailing, Duck football (I live in the shadow of the University of Oregon in Eugene) and connecting with people with ideas and work that "can change the world". With this in mind, I am the "Skipper" for Global Learn Day, which you can find out more about at bfranklin.edu.

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