Kickstarter – Boilers – Girl Scout Cookies

Ever since I learned that Bijou Cinema, a small movie theater here in Eugene – learn more here – raised donations in excess of $50,000 to enable the purchase of a new digital camera, I can’t help thinking about “Crowdsourcing.” ( NYTimes Article here.) What is obvious about all of this has already been posted; several times. (Sample here)

What is not so obvious is the value of bringing “Crowdsourcing” to the kids who live inside the Houses — an idea caused by a strange coincidence. Let me tell you more about it.

In an exchange with one of the Grand Poobahs of Sigma Chi, I learned this: “I have  two Grandsons in the Chapter and they are very happy with current conditions and programs, including the new $38,000  HVAC system.”  Now – please – hold that thought.

A few weeks later, on a wonderful tour of the Beta House (provided to me by Jeff White, Eagle Scout and wonderful guy) Jeff took me to the basement and proudly showed me their “brand new $52,000 HVAC heating system”. For Jeff, it seemed to be the highlight of the tour.

In neither case did the undergraduates have a thing to do with how the money was raised for these heating systems. And maybe that is as it should be. After all, when you pay rent for collegiate housing why should you have to worry about hot water? Isn’t that the ordinary responsibility of the Landlord? Or, in this case, the Building Association/Alumni Group.

Yes, of course it is.

Except that is not how the Girl Scouts earn millions by selling Girl Scout cookies. Nor is it why one often sees a bunch of high school kids offering to wash your car – for wee dollars — for some Very Special Thing.  It’s why we have paper-boys and kids who cut lawns and shovel snow and sell magazines….not just for the money raised but that these are tremendously important teaching lessons of lifetime value.

What is being done inside Greek Houses to raise funds through the “magic” of Crowdsourcing? If we get our chance, during the summer we will be holding one and two-day seminars, focused around topics such as Crowdsourcing.

How else can we truly optimize revenues except through use of the technology such as this?

More important, how can we optimize the intellectual capital inside the House — if not by sprinkling nutrients of this sort? After all, these Houses were built to enrich the lives of those who sleep there — what is more important than that?


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