How to Monetize — EVERYTHING!

The race is on! How to profit by monetizing – well, just about everything.

How about all those (5,500) Greek Chapter Houses, the great bulk of which like “idle and empty” in the summer. $10-15 BILLION dollars of hard assets, on prime property, that have (over the 90 day summer period) about 225,000 empty rooms.

Perhaps by posting the links to web sites where one can find sharing opportunities for just about anything  — from bikes to jet planes, from cars to wedding gowns, from residential bed rooms to parking lots — that this would impact some smart dude in charge of Greek Chapter House to reconsider the worth of the property from June to September. Here’s the list.First, you might wish to read what Tom Friedman has to say about “The Sharing Economy. Tom’s a smart guy; well worth paying attention to.

Next — How about monetizing your closet? Here’s the article that made me aware of it. Here’s the company that’s doing it.

Now your bedroom. If you miss-place the link, it’s easy to remember. The name of the company, AirBnB arises from the words “air mattress board and breakfast. Visit the company, here

A jet planeTry here

Bikes? — Most forward thinking cities are in the ‘build out’ to increase use of bikes. The colleges are on that trail as well. The one I like the most for that is

CarsEnterprise Rental is offering cars for as few as two hours at a time. But I think more interesting is Zip Cars.

There’s a fine article on all of this from Fast Company. You might like to check it out. Click here

My bet is that the “conventional companies” — like Enterprise Rental enter this field as much to improve their “regular business” as they do to earn some extra dimes from being very good competitors to smart operators like those listed above.  But I repeat myself. I make that argument with the whole idea of a Flipped Fraternity. You might wish to check it out as well.

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I'm passionate about improving access to education, worldwide, sailing, Duck football (I live in the shadow of the University of Oregon in Eugene) and connecting with people with ideas and work that "can change the world". With this in mind, I am the "Skipper" for Global Learn Day, which you can find out more about at OREGONHIBBS.COM ; Write to

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