Superior On-Site Property Management

It’s not complicated. Which is better?

               A ‘frat house’ principally known as dirty, worrisome, mediocrity where the chief goal of the residents is known for slime,  PARTY, PARTY, PARTY?


          Or a Fraternity House that is orderly, sparkles, brings pride to parents, the residents, the University, Community, the whole Greek world? A House that is crammed and jammed with an abundance of rich nutrients of a kind that  sparks creativity, enterprise,  intellectual enrichment, character development and launch platform for enterprising jobs in the summer and great jobs after graduation?

Silly question?

Not for those in charge of the bulk of more than 5,500 Fraternal Chapter Houses located on more than 800 college campuses in North America. While the adults who run Greek Fraternities will brag that their Houses meet the objectives on their Web sites, the facts – those stubborn things – tell a very different story.

The fact is the bulk of American Fraternity Houses are routinely dirty, undisciplined, mediocre and plainly deserve the widely held perception brilliantly conveyed in the movie Animal House.

Here’s a simple way to draw your own conclusions-

Ask any House Mother of any Sorority on any college campus in America to provide a Report Card that compares her House with her Fraternal counterparts.

Ask for Report Cards that call for grades A to F for each category that makes for a “good” or a ”bad” House.

You can bet the farm on this outcome. The women will get tons of A’s and B’s. The men will get tons of D’s and F’s.

Here are the better questions.

With Fraternity Report Cards that record only D’s and F’s, what
parent would want his or her child to live in a frat house? Given
these same low grades, how much longer will the University tolerate
Fraternities? Without support from parents and/or the University,
what are the long term prospects for Fraternity survival?

And isn’t all of this the principal reason for Alumni apathy? That deep in their heart they have come to accept that “it’s hopeless” “why bother” “I’m busy.” “Life goes on” “If they die, they die…so what?”

Can this be changed? Of course it can — with this caveat.

A deep recognition by the Alumni Officers of the crucial importance of Superior On-Site Property Management. That the “job” now defined as “House Dad” no longer exists. That the new title for the adult chosen to work and live inside the House will be known as the On-Site Property Manager  — where the job description calls for someone who can “optimize the revenue and intellectual resources of the House, the campus and the community all 365 days of the year.”

At minimum, this would include being responsible for a “hospital-clean” kitchen. superior food deliveries, a downstairs as immaculate as that inside the Kappa’s and the Pi Phi’s, the rents and dues collected on time and in full, the lawns mowed, trash collected, showers hot, internet access the best in town, Rules of the House enforced.

All the hum drum stuff that Sororities do wonderfully and Fraternities do shamefully.

That much is obvious. But it should be the absolute minimum for any person who applies for the job of On-Site Property Manager.

What’s not so obvious — and a lot harder to actually get done – is this.

First, is to embed, top-to-bottom a rock-solid conviction that the House operates in a world that is 24/7/365.

Which means that if it doesn’t have a First Class Virtual Presence, it might as well be in the business of selling buggy whips to Lexus owners.

Which means that if it doesn’t optimize all the opportunities that arise in the summer that it might as well pack up shop.

Which means that if it doesn’t have Community Outreach of a kind that increases revenues, improves recruiting, enhances lives and has the metrics to prove it, there is nothing to gloat about.

Which means that it is extraordinarily proud of the Legacies of the House and the Fraternity and is determined to optimize same by way of Luminary Rooms, Halls of Fame, and Special Recognition for those who embrace, support and treasure such accomplishments.

Second, is the adoption of the “mechanics” that support such an enterprise. Budgets, forecasts, time-lines and tasks. This is a multi-million dollar facility with a ‘bottom-line’ potential most small business owners would “kill” to have. There is a fantastic array of Web-based tools that make this affordable, transparent, do-able.

Third, is to utterly discard the payment terms for the person so employed. (It’s laughable to expect much of a House Dad who is struggling to get through Law School –and is paid $200 a month plus room and board!) Pay for a qualified On-Site Property Manager should START at $1,500 a month with bonus opportunities that could double, triple or quadruple this amount.

Huh? Just maybe, the $1,500 can be easily “justified”. If you think it’s easy to manage the “routine” stuff inside a House filled with kids just out of High School, go try it. If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys to apply. If you pay real money, you will get WOW for results.

It’s not complicated. Except for the part of changing “management” that has been cemented in place for donkey’s years. Absolutely nothing on earth is harder than change.

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