Changing the Trajectory

About the subject of a  selected Fraternity House at Oregon in the 2015 summer with kids ages 12-18, Clarke Mcallister, long time Chapter Adviser, has asked me this question:  “John, what exactly do you want from Sigma Chi?”

It’s a great question because it separates the ‘nitty-gritty’ questions that requires CHAPTER resolution — Move in/move out dates; insurance and regulatory agreement; revenues and revenue sharing; management oversight; cooking, cleaning, general housekeeping; the signatories on each side.


1. That “cramming and jamming” the House (in a strictly controlled environment) with kids ages 12-18 each and every summer is a very good thing.

2. That the “best way” to do this is through the idea of a “Jamboree”, where the kids would be drawn from Youth Organizations for 3-5 days residence inside the House. That they leave with enriching experiences valuable for a lifetime.  (If there are better ideas let us all discuss them.)

3. While optimizing revenues during the summer is as obvious as ice in Alaska — well-demonstrated by the size of the revenues earned at the Stanford Sigma Chi House every summer —   the AMOUNT of the revenues is only PART of the equation.

4. The other part of the “optimization” question has to do with changing the trajectory of Fraternities away from “Animal House” — PARTY, PARTY, PARTY – to a perception in keeping with the Rituals of every Fraternity and the vision of all Founders. {Please see Driving a Stake Through the Heart of Animal House.  This is, I contend, a “Priceless Objective”.}

5. It could well be that a combination of Jamboree receipts AND  “regular rental revenues” will net the highest sum.  This proposition is worth testing  — especially for Houses that historically derive very slim NET receipts in the summer!

Embracing the above is what is needed for the Beta Iota Chapter to become THE House for “cramming and jamming” the House next summer. In a perfect world, “Ground Zero for Youth Empowerment“.

If so — and if  WE can make this work – WE will have created a model for all 230 Sigma Chi Chapters; and for the other 5,250 Chapter Houses on 800 college campuses.


Isn’t it well past time to “cram and jam” ALL these very fine residences with kids for the prime purpose of enriching their lives? Isn’t that why the Houses were built in the first place? That a “Flipped House” could well reverse the “Animal House” trajectory AND greatly improve net revenues to the House.

What is there not to like?


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