Franklin Summer Camps – Imagination Workshops For Passionate Souls

Preface: The idea of Franklin Summer Camps arises from the two brightest gems in the vast treasure chest of the World Wide Web. The gems are labeled – MashUp and Disruption. The most obvious MashUp examples are Apple and iTunes, Amazon and Kindle. Those MashUps brought a tsunami of Disruption to the business of music and books. The next tsunami?

We say the next great tsunami is one that has been a long time in the making — The Great Disruption the Web will bring to the costs, practices and delivery of education and training — especially at K-12 and beyond. Mostly, substantially reduced costs, improved practices, substantially reduced barriers to access.

For twenty years those backing BenFranklinEdu have vigorously promoted the theory that “the killer application of the Web is in education”. The evidence to prove that theory is now everywhere. On-line classes and full degree programs (on-line) are as common as the sunrise.

Today, rightfully. all the talk in e-learning is about a MashUp called MOOC’s – Massive Open On-Line Courses. Many very fine universities have mashed-up with some gorillas in the business of Big Data and, together, they are now ferociously delivering hundreds of outstanding courses to tens of millions worldwide. Free!!  Sooner than you think it is highly likely that full degree programs from Harvard, Yale, Stanford (or a slug of others) — tuition free!….without ever stepping foot on the campus!

That’s the preface. Now here’s the point.

Our Plan is to ride the MashUp wave by holding ten or twelve very high intensity Franklin Summer Camps next summer (2014). The MashUp is this: We will “MashUp” with multi-million dollar Fraternity Chapter Houses (otherwise idle in the summer), mashed-up with YouthBuild, mashed-up with established Gurus in the business of e-training, e-education, e-business, e-technology, mashed-up with highly motivated, self-directed All-Stars, (residing for 3-5 days per Camp), mashed-up with unique community outreach with upbeat publicity about the whole endeavor.

Great stuff for the All-Stars, the Youth Builders, The Gurus, the House, and the Fraternity.

One of the many beauties of this plan is that many of the skill sets offered to Franklin Campers are the same ones that all Chapter Houses need to make the House brim-full with the best students on the campus. The Disruption will will be to change of perception of “frat houses” as places of PARTY, PARTY, PARTY to a House that is an intellectual and economic gold mine. YouthBuild, the Gurus, the Campers, will create hive of activity of large value to both the individual and the collective.

From experience, we know the condition of the House in June. Week One, devoted entirely to making it squeaky clean. The rest of the summer (without too much distraction to the All-Star Camps) we will sand, paint, wax, polish and make modest – and not so modest – repairs and “fixes”. Additionally, we will provide “On-site Property Management Workshops” specially targeted for those “in charge” of Fraternity and Sorority Houses.


Start Date: Almost “instantly” after the last student leaves in the House in June.

End Date: Approximately ten days before classes begin in September

How many? How long? We don’t have, yet, an exact number. What we do know is that some of them will be two days (one night); some will be three days (two nights); some will be five days (five nights),  each, attended by self-motivated persons ages 21 to 81, both genders. Nice room plus breakfast, lunch and dinner — a residence of high-intensity, high-ambition and the promise of a high yield outcome for everyone.

Franklin Camp Themes include: advocacy; fund-raising; business skills; franchising; on-site property management, crowdsourcing; web design; video-making; social networking, and most especialty Camps for young adults (like YouthBuild, and GirlsRock and, we hope, more of their kind!)

All of this will be mashed-up morning, noon and night, inside a residential incubator where many Campers (including the Guru Leaders) will come to launch their own MashUps triggering  their own Next Great Disruption. Many others will come to add firepower and passion to their own particular advocacy group.

What better physical place than inside Houses built for the prime purpose of providing the building blocks for relationships of lifetime value. As much as we value the virtues of the digital world, There is no good substitute for working and playing shoulder-to-shoulder, morning, noon and night.

What better place to brainstorm, learn, meet bright, ambitious, highly motivated individuals than on a University campus, inside a multi-million mansion that is both magnet and engine for high-octane outcomes.

The venture will be spearheaded by John Hibbs who will mash-up his 35 years in the business of imports and exports, mashed-up with twenty years in e-learning (most of it promoting the Chief Disrupters, mashed-up with his eight years as House Dad inside the Sigma Chi and Theta Chi Houses at Oregon.

John is absolutely, positively, one-zillion percent certain that these Houses – if operated 365/24/7 with zeal and with good use of the Web they can become – should becomeintellectual and economic gold mines”.

MORE? Write Hibbs at skipper AT bfranklin DOT Edu. He will send you The Ben Franklin Summer Camp Plan, (sub-title “The Devil Is In The Details“).

About oregonhibbs

I'm passionate about improving access to education, worldwide, sailing, Duck football (I live in the shadow of the University of Oregon in Eugene) and connecting with people with ideas and work that "can change the world". With this in mind, I am the "Skipper" for Global Learn Day, which you can find out more about at OREGONHIBBS.COM ; Write to

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