frats — The “C” word for Fraternity

Words Count

Once upon a time the word “frat” was as ugly a word to describe a Fraternity as the “C-word” is to describe a woman. Ditto for words such as  “frat rats” and “frat houses“.  Until and unless the common perception of a Fraternity  – both the men, individually and collectively, and their Houses – reflect honor, good character, scholarship, friendship, justice, learning and a lifetime quest to improve, “frats”  and “frat houses” are doomed.

Words count.most especially for those in Fraternity leadership positions.

frat rat: a highly disparaging acronym derived from raucous college men where  drunkenness, disobedience, disrespect and dishonor are utterly common.  The term is usually followed by the words: rat, rats, house, houses. Not to be confused with the word Fraternity. (and in days long past, a common reason for a quick black eye.)

frat rats: 25-50 male college kids who live inside badly organized residences with appalling amounts of trash, grime, filth and disrepair.  Not to be confused with Fraternity men of good character in good sanding with the University.

frat houses: Places where frat rats live. Dirty, despicable, unmanaged, barely functional and usually on the border of bankruptcy. Not to be confused with Fraternity Houses, especially the hundreds of magnificent brick, stone and fine masonry buildings built for the exclusive use of outstanding young men.

rush:  The accepted method that frat rats use to entice newly arrived collegians to join their frat house. Chief temptation:  PARTY, PARTY, PARTY. Not to be confused with the time when hundreds of freshmen, in jacket, white shirt and tie, stood in long lines in the hopes of getting a “bid” to join a Fraternity.

Sorority House: Brilliantly managed by close Alumni supervision and highly House Mothers, these Houses are chock-full with many of the best women in college. They are spotless, with hospital clean kitchens, finely manicured landscapes, polished floors and furnishings, always freshly painted with solid gold balance sheets and positive cash flow. Many more applicants than they can physically accommodate.

Sorority Women: High quality women recruited to join Sorority Houses because they were likely to respect discipline and the high standards of the House.

Collegiate Greeks:  Collegians who have been initiated into Fraternal organizations (both women and men). These organizations were founded in the last half of the 19th Century for purposes of elevating the collegiate experience through a residential experience that would add lifetime value to those admitted to the residence. Not to be confused with frats or frat rats.

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