The Bailey Proposal – A (rejected) gift from Sigma Chi to Theta Chi

There are many, many lessons to be learned from the disaster at the Theta Chi Fraternity House at Oregon. Arguably, the biggest one was not to have taken up the offer by some extraordinary Sigma Chi men who approached me with what came to be known as The Baily Proposal. Here is that proposal, in all it’s gleaming luster:

The Bailey Proposal – A Gift to Alpha Sigma From the Gods

Announcement: Fifth-year architecture students make offer to bring 15-20 extraordinary upperclassmen to the Theta Chi House — in a fashion not unlike when Oregon State University Sigs transferred to Oregon to re-charter the Sig House. Learn more from this documentary film about those heros, a film that was spearheaded by Mike Dilley and me:   Miracle of The Beta Pi Ten

It’s called The Bailey Proposal — arguably the single most important message ever delivered to the Decisions Makers of Alpha Sigma (in its entire 83 year history…and rejected. Why?  “The kids can run the House themselves. We didn’t need adults when were undergraduates…” (back in the Stone Age.) ha ha.. Anyway, here is The Bailey Proposal:

Written by Tye Bailey, May 15, 2009, submitted to John Hibbs

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a student here at the University of Oregon and I represent a group of upperclassman most of which are architecture students enrolled here in Architecture School at U of O. This letter and proposal is being written in regards to the recently vacated Theta Chi House on 19th and Potter here in Eugene. It is our understanding that the house has been recently vacated and has empty rooms at this time.
Due to this situation I realized that there might be a potential to occupy the rooms of this house.

I have been in contact with John Hibbs, the current organizer of the Residence. After discussing the potentials of living in the House next year, I became aware that it is the Alumni Board that would need to make this decision. Not having a full understanding of how a situation like this would play out I hope that we could offer an attractive offer that may be considered by you, the Board. It is also my understanding that it is difficult to decide what to do with the House next year as a new school year will be in session.

The offer that I would like to present is one that I feel would be a win – win. I am proposing that myself along with a group of 10 – 20 upperclassman students would rent an appropriate amount of rooms in the House. This offer comes with the implication that we would sign up for a school year lease that could be developed in a manner that one representative controls this group of students. (collecting rent, representing, and speaking for the whole.) This way you do not deal with a bunch of individual tenants and don’t have to worry about it. If you prefer to have individual contracts than this could also be established.

In addition to filling a good portion of the House next year we also provide a security that we are not attempting to fill this house with for lack of a better word “party animals.”

We are a group of upperclassman committed to our studies and would be committed to keeping the House well kept and maintain its value.

The architecture school has a very good standing reputation at the school, in the community and even in the country. Our work ethics, motivation, and passion for our studies carry over to our lifestyle. This way of life consists of an organized well-maintained living situation that we would like to root in the house. Other members of the group I represent are all upperclassman, a majority of which would be seniors that are enrolled in a variety of majors here at the University of Oregon. They also follow this living model and would benefit the well being of the residence.

I understand that the recently kicked out members have the plan to move in again next year, despite the previous behavioral issues, whether they are associated with the University or not. I do not wish to step on any toes and understand if that is the outcome decided upon, although my proposal surely offers a chance to uplift the reputation of the House, one that is currently extremely bad at the University and in the community. We offer a short term (1 school year) partial solution to having to make this decision of renting the house out to the entire fraternity again, who have obviously proven to be quite troublesome tenants.

This is the situation as it stands now. We would obviously also be willing to negotiate an appropriate rent amount for each room or the group as a whole. Essentially we are trying to decide on a place to live next year and need to make this decision very soon. This fiscal matter and the situation as a whole is something that we hope to discuss with you, The Board, as soon as possible. This urgent matter is something that needs to be discussed as soon as you are available to discuss it. If this will not work out we would like to know so that we could put our efforts elsewhere.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your consideration.


Taylor Bailey

Posted to on May 24, 20099

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