Global Learn Day 2013 – Snapshot

A 24 hour, 24 time zone “Voyage” for a safer, saner planet

Event BeginsIn the Americas, Saturday, October 12, 2013

ElsewhereSunday, October 13, 2013

Event Snapshot: Since our beginning in 1995, Global Learn Day opens in New Zealand “where the planet begins the New Day”. Crew, passengers and audience “board” a wildly imaginative “ship” – the Franklin Clipper. In the following 24 hours the Clipper “sails” west to Hawaii with “stops” in all 24 time zones. At each “stop” tremendously engaging speakers focus their remarks on these issues: Increasing access to education. Climate change. Gender equality.

We provide platforms, podiums, microphones and megaphones for those out to make the Earth safer and saner for all of us. The Clipper has proven to be a magnet that links exceptional people from all over the globe.

The 24 Hour “Voyage“ is 1,440 minutes of a non-stop choreography that mashes up music, travel, humor and history in ways that add luster to what the Speakers have to say. In the end the Voyage is something akin the Oscars, a TED Presentations, a seat at the Captain’s Table on an Ocean Crossing. See Slideshow here

Chief Goals: To amplify the Speaker messages so as to reach many tens of thousands by way of community radio; and to create large numbers of collaborative opportunities that substantially improve good outcomes.

Audience Participation: More than one-half of the 24 hours is reserved for real-time interactive conversation. Listening or speaking is as easy as making an ordinary phone call. {Rule 1A is KISS — Keep It Simple. Rule 1B is to make it fun, interesting, engaging and memorable.

The Secret Sauce? (1). Very careful selection of captivating speakers that are truly worthy of listening to. {NOTE: A good share of the speakers will come from TED Talks.} (2). By engaging community radio stations all around the world, we reach the kinds of who can actually change the world.

What’s the big difference from the past? Because we will draw heavily from TED, we will have a much more formidable line up of speakers. We will also engage community radio stations much more heavily than in the past; reaching an audience in the many tens of thousands. And we will do a better job with the “glitz” – like identifying cities that belong on your “Bucket List”.

About oregonhibbs

I'm passionate about improving access to education, worldwide, sailing, Duck football (I live in the shadow of the University of Oregon in Eugene) and connecting with people with ideas and work that "can change the world". With this in mind, I am the "Skipper" for Global Learn Day, which you can find out more about at OREGONHIBBS.COM ; Write to

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