Hi:  Thanks for visiting my web site. I’m John Hibbs, a (vintage) Duck, with residence in Eugene. After the Army let me out of their clutches – an ex Green Beret who did not go to ‘Nam – and after course work at the London School of Economics, I returned to get my history degree in 1967.  After that I got very lucky, went to work for America’s largest trading company and in night school got my MBA. Then I went overseas where, in total, I’ve lived for about twenty years.  For the rest, please click here.

My mind these days is on an extraordinary female who just celebrated her 80th birthday.  I can’t tell you more right now, so you will just have to check back later.  But you can start with this post…it will help a wee bit.

Oh …About the web site I’ve owned that domain name for 22 years…when the Web was just new to all of us.  If plans go well for the female I’m “chasing”, we will put Ben Franklin back to work once more.  Stay tuned!

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