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I’m John Hibbs. Thanks for visiting this site.  I’m a Duck who fiercely believes Eugene, Oregon has a huge  opportunity to make good on this claim:

World Headquarters, Youth Empowerment“.

The building it blocks for this has been a long time in coming; and will take until the summer of 2015 before strong evidence will be on display. Starting here: Why 5,500 Chapter Houses on 800 campuses represent an absolute gold mine of truly exceptional opportunity. And why those running Summer Camps (here in Oregon) could be the largest beneficiary of all.

No. That’s wrong.

The biggest beneficiaries of all will be kids, ages 6-16, who come here under the guidance of those who give so much to enrich their lives.

The background?

During the last twenty years we’ve heavily promoted the whole idea of education by way of the Net. Now that free college courses are on-offer from some of the great Universities in the world,(called MOOCs) we’re changing direction — from mega-phoning those passionate about free education for all to mega-phoning – and opening new doors – to those in the business of Youth Empowerment. See partial list here.

There are many of those who believe as I do that there is no better place to come in the summer than Eugene.

Some of this relies on optimizing the use of 5,500 Fraternity Houses  — all of them built “to enrich the lives of the kids who sleep there“. Not just college kids in the regular year; but younger kids, many of whom will never have set foot on a college campus before their Summer Camp Experience.

The first model for this should be – must be? – here in Eugene.

If we do it well – and there is no reason we can’t – we think our model will work on many of the 800 college campuses where Chapter Houses go “idle and empty” during the summer. It’s quite a challenge!

This is a deep plunge into the oceans of work that make up Youth Empowerment.  This is fun stuff — as challenging as was Global Learn Day, which we launched ‘back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth“.

Please check back frequently. This is all a work in progress.


Welcome to this site. And thank you for the visit.

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